Criminal Plus offers behind-the-scenes episodes of Criminal twice a month, ad-free listening of Criminal, This is Love and Phoebe Reads a Mystery; and members-only merch. Premium members get a members-only tote bag, 20% off all merch, and access to quarterly virtual events with Phoebe and our producers.

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  • Apple Podcasts
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  • iTunes
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Choose a plan below:

Basic Membership

  • Twice-monthly bonus episodes
  • Ad-free listening
  • Access to the exclusive, members-only merch store
14 day free trial
14 day free trial

Premium Membership

  • Twice-monthly bonus episodes
  • Ad-Free listening
  • Members-only tote bag
  • Access to the exclusive members-only merch store and 20% off all merchandise
  • Virtual event with Phoebe and our producers


How will I listen to my ad-free podcasts and bonus content?

Step 1: Join Criminal Plus

Sign up for a Criminal Plus membership, and you will be taken to a subscriptions page. 

Step 2: Add Criminal Plus shows to your app

Subscribe to your new Criminal Plus feeds for Criminal, This is Love and Phoebe Reads a Mystery on your platform of choice. 

Step 3: Start Listening

Listen to ad-free versions of all of our shows. Bonus episodes will be released on the Criminal Plus feed twice a month.

How do I access the members-only merch store?

Criminal Plus members get access to an exclusive merch store with items that no one else can get, designed by artist Julienne Alexander. You'll get an email with instructions for accessing the store when you sign up. Alternatively, existing members can log in to Criminal Plus and find instructions for accessing the store in our members FAQ.

Note that Premium members also receive a discount code for 20% off all Criminal and Criminal Plus merchandise. You can preview our exclusive members-only merchandise here.

When will I receive my tote bag?

If you signed up for a Premium Membership, you are eligible for a free tote. Please ensure you provide us with your correct mailing address when you become a member, and your tote will be shipped to you within 4-6 weeks of joining Criminal Plus. International orders may take up to 8 weeks.

What is the difference between signing up here versus on Apple Podcasts?

Signing up here gives you the option to sign up for a Basic or Premium membership. Basic memberships give you access to ad-free episodes, bonus content and our exclusive merch store. Premium memberships also include access to virtual events, a 20% discount at the merch store and a members-only tote bag. You can sign up for the Premium membership on this page above the FAQ.

You can still listen to Criminal Plus content in Apple Podcasts if you sign up here. The ad-free episodes and bonus content will be displayed in a new feed in your podcast player. You’ll find instructions on how to add Criminal Plus feeds to your podcast app of choice above.

Signing up in Apple Podcasts allows you to subscribe to Criminal Plus directly in the Apple Podcasts app to get ad-free listening and bonus episodes, both of which will be dropped directly into your regular Apple Podcasts Criminal feed.  

To sign up directly in Apple Podcasts, you can go to your Criminal podcast feed in Apple Podcasts or tap this link and hit Open Podcasts. Once the podcast opens, you’ll see a “try for free” button. Once you tap that button, you can follow the instructions to start your two-week free trial of Criminal Plus. All your bonus episodes will be dropped in the Criminal and This is Love podcast feeds, and all of our shows will be ad-free (including and Phoebe Reads a Mystery).

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

How do I access the Criminal virtual events?

There are two levels of Criminal Plus membership: basic and premium. When you sign up for a premium membership, you have access to quarterly virtual events with the Criminal team. At recent events, we’ve played Criminal trivia, answered audience questions and given sneak peeks at upcoming episodes.

We usually announce the event to members a few weeks ahead via email and audio. The day before the event, we send anyone with a premium membership a link to access the event.  

If you’d like to attend our next event and you’re not already a premium member, you can sign up above. If you have a basic membership, you can upgrade by signing in to your account page and selecting “change plan”. 

For questions about our upcoming virtual events, please reach out to us at If you have general questions about your membership or how to upgrade, please reach out to

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel anytime by logging on to your account page at and selecting "disable auto-renew," which will stop any recurring payments. Your cancellation will go into effect at the end of your current term. We do not offer refunds on membership, but you will have access to all of your membership benefits through the end of your current term.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay on iOS and Google Pay on Android.

Have other questions or need additional support?

If you're already a member of Criminal Plus, you can find more answers to frequently asked questions by signing in and visiting the Members FAQ.

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